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or enjoy discrete clips of show segments below:

1) Show introduction, Jonathan's early life and times with his "beyond difficult" parents; live improv

2) Current releases: Paramount Home Video releases two Kirk Douglas dvd's: The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers and Detective Story

3) Jonathan regales us with more tales of his origins and maturation--the victories and humiliations; his philosphical observations;  his grandfather's quirks and hobbies, psychiatrists and their fallout; with live comedy clip.

4) More current releases: Sony delivers the original 15 episodes of the 40's Batman serial. 

5) The Winters take on fun, dysfunction and happiness. His beginnings in radio and flight to NYC in disgust.

6) Cinemusic! Bronislau Kaper's exquisite Lili and a conversation with Film Score Monthly's Lucas Kendall

7) Final unforgettable words from J. Winters

8) Current releases by Fox--Audrey Hepburn wide-screen classic Two for the RoadThe Rains CameOrchestra Wives featuring Glenn Miller ; plus show close and credits

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