For your listening convenience, here are major sections of the broadcast:

1) Show Intro,  Breaking News from Warners: 3rd Looney Tunes Golden Collection, 2nd Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection; Disney issues 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition of Toy Story

2) Chad Everett Interview, Part I: Robert Taylor intro; Chad's early film career under contract and acting technique; making Johnny Tiger with Robert Taylor; clip from Waterloo Bridge with Taylor and Viven Leigh 

3) Chad Everett Interview, Part II: Robert Taylor speech from Westward the Women; Chad on Taylor's work ethic; Clip from The Last Hunt; Ivanhoe discussion and clip; Cinemusic--credit music from Knights of the Round Table

4) Current Releases from 20th Century Fox: The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit; Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and In Old Chicago

5) Chad Everett Interview, Part III: Quo Vadis clip; Chad on working with Taylor; clip from Undercurrent with Robert Taylor and Kate Hepburn; Chad closes with hilarious Burt Lancaster story; credits


Or, you can listen to the entire half-hour broadcast with one click: 

DVD Classics Corner on the Air - Featuring the Robert Taylor Tribute with Guest Star Chad Everett


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