For your listening convenience, here are major sections of the broadcast:

1) Show Intro and Breaking News - Paramount Re-releases the original "War of the Worlds"!

2) "The High and The Mighty" intro, interview with William Wellman, Jr. and trailer featuring John Wayne; Cinemusic from the film

3) Robert Easton interview; clip and discussion of his performance from the film; dialect coaching anecdotes and John Wayne impression!

4) Current Releases: Paramount's "The High and the Mighty" plus "Island in the Sky" ; 7-disk Thin Man Collection

5) Karen Sharpe interview--casting surprises; training; Director Wellman's excitement; career overview; Duke appears again; show closing with "High and Mighty" theme.

Or, you can listen to the entire half-hour broadcast with one click: 

DVD Classics Corner on the Air - Featuring "The High and the Mighty" Special Guests

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