For your listening convenience, here are major sections of the broadcast:

1) Show Intro; Part one of Michael Anderson, Jr. interview: the making of Major Dundee, discussion of score

2) Current releases from Paramount: Red Garters, starring Rosemary Clooney, Bob Hope in Casanova's Big Night and Preston Sturges' masterpiece The Miracle of Morgan's Creek--hilarious!

3) Part two of Michael Anderson, Jr. interview: behind the scenes of Dundee; Charlton Heston; Richard Harris shenanigans; sound clip of Heston/Harris

4) Composer Christopher Caliendo* discusses the story of the unprecedented rescoring of Major Dundee; the challenges and joys of composing in Hollywood's demanding culture. Includes score excerpt.

*Learn about this fine composer at:

5) Dundee maven and golden film expert Glenn Erickson of reveals secrets of Dundee's restoration and more; show closing and credits.

Or, you can listen to the entire half-hour broadcast with one click: 

DVD Classics Corner on the Air - Featuring a Tribute to Sam Peckinpah's rereleased Major Dundee

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